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Thread: different issue going on here

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    Question different issue going on here

    Please forgive me if I am doing something I should not be doing here.
    My adult daugher who has muscular dystrophy and has to use a wheelchair has problems ....scoliosis which went untreated as a child but she now has even worse "Lordosis". She almost looks like she is ..folded in half she sits in her wheelchair. Her upper body looks like it sits on her legs. She is bent forward. She recently was put in the hospital for breathing issues they say are casued by her sping pushing on her heart and lungs.
    I have read and learned lots here and although Lordosis is a different problem then discussed here my thought was if anyone has any info you all will or know where I can go to get Good info on it.
    Please anyone that can help me will be appreciated.
    Wishing all of you well............

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    I know of several children (not adults) who have had severe lordosis like you describe that has been corrected by surgical intervention. Does your daughter have an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spine malformations? I would hope they could speak with some of the orthos in the country who have successfully treated these kids to get suggestions. There are several interesting presentations at the SRS conference from Sept. 2007 in the pediatric section about neuromuscular scoliosis. There are at least 2 examples of the type of lordosis that you mention. You can see these presentations at then click on webcasts. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the info...

    You are such a sweetheart.....answering my questions about my goodness, you are a very busy MOM....all of your children a lucky to have you...
    I am checking around..but it is complicated since my daughter as other onging medical issues going on...she had a Pulmonary Embolism a few years back and she also has limited lung function....
    I checked out your "family page"....very nice....
    take care and "thanks" again...

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