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Thread: I am finally home!!!

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    I am finally home!!!

    Hi everyone
    I'm home as of last night and everything went well. Dr. Pashman said I looked phenomenal... encouraging words. I am sitting at my kitchen table using my laptop. I will not last too long sitting here. It seems that I am going back an forth between standing and sitting. I have numbness and my skin hurts. Does anyone have those feelings?

    Well, I need to go sit in my comfy chair now. I will keep all you updated.

    Cathy, I can not find your phone # so call me when your able. It was so nice to hear from you in the hospital.

    A/P Surgery Oct.15 and 18, 2007
    T2 to Sacrum
    Pre-surgery 56* T 60* L
    Post-surgery 28* T 30* L
    Dr. Pashman, Cedars-Sinai Hospital
    Bevery Hills, CA

    Debbie, age 51 at surgery.
    Now, 59 yrs young :-)

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    welcome home, Debbie

    it is so good to hear from you! Sitting is hard to do after surgery. You will probably need to alternate between walking and lying down to rest a lot. The skin soreness, believe it or not, will get much better in the coming weeks. my skin hurt for even a sheet to touch it in some places, but now, almost back to normal. Let us know the details and please post pictures??????????? Rest a lot and heal.... Lisa
    Lisa age 47
    T curve 69 degrees
    L curve 40 degrees more or less - compensatory
    fused to from T-3 to sacrum
    anterior and posterior surgeries completed June 1, 2007
    pushing hard in recovery !!

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    That's great!

    Dear Debbie--how wonderful that you're home!!! And that your doctor says you look great too!

    When I first got home my husband found a really neat little table at the drugstore that he bought for about $20. I've kept my laptop on it all this time and it has been super handy. It's about the size of a TV table/tray, but the leg is at the back and doesn't get in your way. You can adjust the height for your needs and it can tilt, but I've never used it that way since I use it for my laptop. Anyway, I love it because I can sit in a comfy chair or the couch while I do my computer stuff. Just mentioning it because I hate to think of you having to sit on a hard kitchen chair!

    Welcome home! Best wishes for your recovery.
    67 and plugging along...
    2007 52 w/ severe lumbar stenosis & L2L3 lateral listhesis (side shift)
    5/4/07 posterior spinal fusion T2-L4 w/ laminectomies and osteotomies @L2L3, L3L4
    Dr. Kim Hammerberg, Rush Univ. Medical Center in Chicago

    Corrected to 15
    CMT (type 2) DX in 2014, progressing
    NEW 10/2018 x-rays show spondylolisthesis at L4/L5 - Dr. DeWald is monitoring

    Click to view my pics: pics of scoli x-rays digital x-rays, and pics of me

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    Yay! You're home! I've thought about you ever since I came home... I was in the hospital for 6 days. I too have numbness in certain areas of where the scaring is and where they grafted bone. I have that "pins and needles" affect mostly. It goes away with the meds. i'm just now starting to feel a bit better each day. For awhile - i felt like i wasn't making any improvements.

    Take it easy and rest up.


    34 yrs old
    Diagnosed at 12; Boston Brace for a year; ScoliTron for 3 months. Curves left untreated after 13 yrs old until 27yrs old.
    Pre-Op Upper Curve: 49; Post-Op: 14
    Pre-Op Lower Curve: 51; Post-Op: 18
    Posterior Reconstruction from T2-L3 on Oct 22, 2007
    Dr McNulty - UMC Hospital

    Las Vegas, NV

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    Welcome back! Numbness and weird skin feelings are completely normal and will change a lot over the next few weeks and months. It took me a long time to sit comfortably for any length of time.
    A/P fusion on June 19, 2007 at age 52; T10-L5
    Pre-op thoracolumbar curve: 70 degrees
    Post-op curve: 12 degrees
    Dr. Boachie-adjei, HSS, New York

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    Congrats and welcome home. Be patient with yourself and remember the worst is behind you. Good luck with your recovery.

    "You must be the change you want to see in the world."

    Previously 55 degree thoracolumbar curve
    Surgery June 5, 2007 - Dr. Clifford Tribus, University of Wisconsin Hospital
    19 degrees post-op!

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    Welcome Home!!! Best of luck in your recovery, and don't over due things...Recovery takes time.
    Patty 51 years old
    Surgery May 23, 2007(43 Birthday)
    Posterior T3- L4
    Pre surgery curves
    and a severe side shift to the right.
    Post surgery curves
    Less than 10 degrees
    Surgery April, 2006
    C4 - C6

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    Welcome home Debbie,

    You are doing great, I wasn't able to get back on the computer so soon after my surgery.

    Keep up the great recovery, but try not to over do it.

    I'm jealous,

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    Welcome back!! I think you are doing "Mahhh-ve-lous" !!!!

    May each day find you making little improvements and lots of victories!

    Hugs, JoAnn

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