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Thread: Canadian Scoliosis Association??

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    Canadian Scoliosis Association??

    Does anyone know if there is a Canadian Scoliosis Association or even better an Ontario Scoliosis Association? My daughter, Esme, wants to do some fundraising for scoliosis for her community service at school (10 hours is required each year during High School in Ontario) and we can't seem to find a website.
    Ruth, 50 years old (s-shaped 30 degree scoliosis) with degenerative disc disease, married to Mike. Mother to two children - Son 18 and daughter 14. Both have idiopathic scoliosis. Son (T38, L29) has not needed surgery to date. Daughter (March 08 - T62, L63).

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    Physiotherapy Program for Scoliosis Patients

    Hello Ruth,

    Do you have an E-Mail address where I can send you some valuable information you may be interested in for conservative management of Scoliosis?


    Andrea Lebel, Reg. Physiotherapist, M.Sc (PT), MCPA
    Schroth Certified

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    The only scoliosis organizations that I know of in Canada are the Scoliosis Association of British Columbia (contact Llweyn Friars at and the Scoliosis Association of Ontario (contact Marion Primeau at

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    Ummmm, Andrea got you.

    She bumped an old thread.

    Pretty sure Ruth's little girl got her 10 hours in already. Probably well on her way to finishing this years 10 hours too.

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