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Thread: 1st 6 month appointment today ...

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    1st 6 month appointment today ...

    My 14yo had her 6 month appointment today. The good news is that the Boston brace is working. After 24 hours out of the brace, her curves were only 2/3 of what they were before bracing. While in the brace, her curves are cut in half.

    My dd hasn't grown at all in the past 6 months, so the ortho is going to do an elbow x-ray at the next appointment in 6 more months. If the growth plates have closed, then she has stopped growing.

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    Hello Angie-

    I wanted to tell you I was glad to read of your daughter's good progress. Treatment has changed so much these days ! I wonder how kids handle wearing braces because I am pretty sure that if I had been told in 1975 that I needed to wear a brace,I would have responded in my usual 15 year old manner and rebelled. I am always so glad when a young person gets results from early treatment. Take care- Lisa
    Lisa age 47
    T curve 69 degrees
    L curve 40 degrees more or less - compensatory
    fused to from T-3 to sacrum
    anterior and posterior surgeries completed June 1, 2007
    pushing hard in recovery !!

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