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Thread: Travel To Doctor Boachie Office

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    Travel To Doctor Boachie Office

    I live in Kingston NY and have an appointment with Dr. Boachie on October 22, 2007. I was going to take the Train to the city (Penn Station). How far is Dr. B's office from there? Is a taxi the best way to get there? How much would the cab ride be? Could you walk it in nice weather?

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    Dr. B is on the upper east side, York Avenue around 72nd Street. If you're not familiar w/ Manhattan, the uptown blocks are short but the cross-town ones are really long - about 3 x the length of the uptown ones. So this would be a lengthy walk. Taxis abound, and should be less than $20 unless you get stuck in heavy traffic. You could take the Lexington Ave. subway north, but I don't recall where the closest stop is. There also is a cross-town bus, #73, I think, that goes to York Avenue.

    Suggest you Google the NYC transit website - it has all the information and maps you'll ever need!

    Good luck with your appointment.
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    Hi...funny but I just did the commute thing in NYC for my check-up to Dr. Boachie's office a week or so ago. I took the train(from Jersey) to Penn station & taxi from there. There is a cop there that flags down taxi's for you, sometimes a line of people waiting...It's too far to walk( for me anyway!)... taxi took about 20 min or so....about 14-16$ each way... this is my second time in by train/taxi & I made it each time at least 1/2 hour early! The Bel Aire cafe is a nice spot to sit & read. Luckily the weather was beautiful both times I've been in by train. Lynne

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    It's awkard to get to the UWS by subway from penn, so I'd recommend taxi also.

    Just make sure to get out of madison square/31st exit/entrance if you want to catch the taxi from the taxi stand. Otherwise, you'll have to flag one down which might take less time if the cab stand line is long...

    I don't recommend walking, you'd have to go around or through central park.
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    Dr. Boachie

    I called to make an appointment with Dr. Boachie's and was told by the receptionist that he will no longer be taking Medicare patients after the end of this year. That's a disappointment.

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    I used to live just a few blocks North of Hospital for Special Surgery! (Dr. Boachie's office)

    Like another mentioned, its not the easiest getting from Penn Station (midtown on the west side) to the upper east side, but its not too bad can take the subway...get on the "E" line at Penn Station (its one of the lines marked in a blue circle as opposed to a red circle when you are looking at signs in the station from a distance).

    Take the E line to the Lexington Ave/53rd st. stop (i believe it is approximately the 5th stop). When you are there, you transfer to the "6" line (marked with a green circle/this is on the Lexington line). You take the #6 1 stop to the 68th St. stop. Then you will have to walk 4 blocks north and 4 blocks east.

    Keep in mind that other subways come through on the same tracks so you want to look at the sign on the front (and sides) of the subway to make sure it is the E and then the 6 before you get on.

    It sounds harder than it is; however if you did it I would allow extra time the 1st time (it would be easier after that). If no time was spend getting to the subway or waiting to make a subway connection, I would estimate that it would take approximately 20-25 minutes to get there. However, you will have to do some waiting - which varies depending on time of day but the subways generally run frequently (i.e. maybe every 5 minutes during peak times)

    You might want to keep it in mind if its a rainy day (getting a taxi can be time consuming in inclement weather) or alternatively if its a nice day and you wouldn't mind the 10-15 minute walk from the subway to the Dr. I don't know how familiar you are with NYC, but the area where the doctor is is NOT on the tourist track so it is not as crowded/crazy on the sidewalks as times square. Its more residential/restaurants and such. YOu'll see moms with baby strollers and that sort of thing.

    Another option if you like to walk is to just walk from the Lexington/53rd st. exit. However it would add another 16 blocks to your trip (A stroll takes about a minute a block -for these north/south blocks- although fast walkers do it faster)

    If you go to the link,, you can see the subway map which could help you visualize what I'm saying.

    Good luck!
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