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Thread: 4th Surgery happening Monday, Sept 10 (07)

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    4th Surgery happening Monday, Sept 10 (07)

    Just wanted you all to know that I am scheduled for early Monday morning, Sept 10, '07, at Baylor Downtown (Dallas). This will be my 4th surgery (everything after the first is called "revision"). I have Dr. Robert Viere as my surgeon, having previously used Alex Shelokov. I'm in the Dallas area, so new doctor, new hospital, new procedure maybe. The Disclosure shows a "Takedown of L2-3, Exploration of T6-7, T7-8, T10-11 (I guess little old T12 is left out there all alone), a Revision Instrumentation and Fusion, Partial Removal of Previous Instrumentation, Iliac Bone Graft". What brought me to this place was bending over more and more, and Xrays showed both rods broken in the lumbar area. The reason for the exploration is becaUse the radiologist who studied the MRI's thinks more areas are not fused; the doctor disagrees, but he is obligated to explore those other areas. I just turned age 65 during the first week of August, but checked out perfect on my pre-op. I asked the doctor when will I be allowed to return to the computer and the reply was 3 to 4 weeks. I would read that as 3 weeks, wouldn't you? He is also saying with no surprises and nothing else goes wrong, I will be looking at a 3 month recovery period. I really don't care. I just want to be fixed for good.

    Has anyone had this exact experience? would love to hear from you, but it has to be before around 3:30 tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

    Diane in Dallas
    Adult Ideopatic Scoliosis (37%) and Kyphosis (65%)
    Surgery #1 8/4/03 - Dr. Shelokov, Plano
    Surg #2 12/8/03 - Dr. Shelokov, Plano
    Surg #3 1/10/05 - Dr. Shelokov, Plano
    Surg #4 9/10/07 - Dr. Viere, Dallas
    Surg #5 1/28/08 - Dr. Viere, Dallas
    Surg #6 4/27/09 - Dr. Viere, Dallas

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    good luck

    hi diane, i am going in for my 3rd surgery this year on oct 1st. i am also changing doctors and hospitals. i have had it with doctors. i just hope this one knows what he is doing. i had a double curviture not sure of the degrees.and also kyphosis my first 2 operations just dealt with the scolosis. the surgeon left the top part of my back unfused. this doctor said that if i do nothing it will cause me big problems down the road. i am also in alot of pain.what type of pain meds are you on? my doc said that he does'nt want me on any pain meds before my surgery, but i feel that i need something stronger than tylenol. good luck to you on mon,you will be in my prayers.


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