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Thread: Nerve Problems Post Surgery???

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    Nerve Problems Post Surgery???

    Hello Everyone-
    I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2001 where I then had two surgeries to recorrect the curvature. Then in 2005 after fracturing three vertebra and pulling a hook out, i went under the knife again for a revision. However, since then i have had a lot of other problems. I tend to have really bad kinks in my neck, and at times it feels like i have a pinched nerve in my lower back because i won't be able to move my leg completely forward without it hurting or pulling. And then along with that i will have radiating pain through my legs from my ankles to my hips. Is this normal????

    Thanks for any help!!
    18 year old female
    scoliosis curve of 50-60 degrees
    corrective surgery done at age 12( 2001), first surgery a screw went through a vertebra, was then closed up and then re-opened two days later.
    After second surgery, fusion was a success.
    Rods, hooks, and screws put in.
    Fall of 2004 in volleyball, fractured three vertebra's, on June 2nd, 2005 surgery was completed to fix that, old rods were taken out and replaced by stronger ones.

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    Wow, you've been through alot already! This is pain you're feeling is not normal. A doctor needs to determine what is going on. Hopefully all you need is some pt. Good luck!
    Diagnosed at 12
    42T, 52L presurgery
    surgery in 1994: fused form T1-L2, curves corrected to 25T and 25L
    infection leading to surgery and 10 day hospital stay w/ strong antibiotics 3 weeks later

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