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    Question new to forum with some questions

    Hello. I am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions or a similar experience. I was diagnosed with scoli at 12 and have a double major curve. When I first went to see Dr. Morrissey, my curves were 40 and 39. Because my curves were in a reverse S shape, I had an MRI. At my follow up appointment 1 month later we found out the MRI was negative. However, we also found out my curves had progressed to 42 and 51 (yes the bottom progressed 12 degrees in 1 month)! So I had surgery and am fused from T1 to L2. All was good up until recently. I am now 25 and am in lots of pain. I saw a new orthopedic surgeon (Morrissey retired) in March for some severe scapular pain and some pain in my lower back, right around where the fusion ends. He took some x-rays. No problems. All hardware was in place and the fusion was solid. I went to PT for about 6 weeks. This helped the thoracic pain ALOT. However some of the lower back exercises were harder. As the pain had eased up, my physical therapist and I figuered it was just going to take loger to strenthen those muscles. Well, now it is no the case. My lower back is killing me. I am finding myself kind of stooped over and dragging my feet. The exercises aren't helping. Walking and moving around are the worst. Pain eases a little when lying down. the muscle relaxant I got in March doesn't work for this. I have called my doctor's office, but he is out of town until Monday. I am hoping someone could ease my mind until then.
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