This article is of some interest as it confirms the possible contribution of muscle asymetry in the etiology of scoliosis. No, lets be clear, it confirms the existence of a muscle asymetry, with a weakness of rotation towards the concave side confirmed. It is other studies (the Vert Mooney studies, which I quoted before which suggest that dealing with this assymetry (torsorotation exercises) can help to stabilise a curve.

some observations;1) it is suggested that the assymetry could (additionally?) be due to nonmuscular factors (soft tissue, bone, ligament deformity) and indeed I have often wondered whether the observed improvements could be due to the improved flexibility of the spine as a result of the very specific exercises, rather than the equalising of muscle strength

2) it is good to see that attempts are made to increase our understanding of the condition and the various factors contributing to it

3)despite celia's cynism about financial motivations of surgeons; Marc Asher is a spinal surgeon with a large stake in a company producing implants, but still he is looking at possibilities to deal with scoliosis in a non surgical fashion