Hello everyone. I had my herrington rod put in place in 1985. This past June I was tackled by my soon to be ex-husband. I found out that week that my rod was broken. Not only was it broken but the "hook" at the top had popped out of place and was lying on top of my spine. There was pan involved. The doctors seemingly did not want to even consider admitting that the rod was probably broken in the attack. Their first answer was always that the rod broke 'most likely' due to pseudoarthrosis...or...non uion of bone. However, there was no non-union found during the removal. My doctor even "palpitated" my spine and could not find a non-union. I am seeking to learn more about the possibility of the rod being broken in the attack or anyone who has had an accident and their rod broken. Also, I would like information regarding what could happen with my spine in the future since the rod is gone. My doctor seems very hesitant to spend time explaining any details. Thanking you in advance.