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    Genetic Research @ Johns Hopkins

    In 1996/1997 as a result of our "Cycling for the Cause" Bike across America campaign we assisted Dr Nancy Miller at Johns Hopkins Hospital with $60,000 in funding and more importantly helped locate the majority of two hundred families who had multiple affected family members over several generations.

    Dr Miller has done a fantastic job obtaining the DNA from these families and conducting and reporting on very valuable genetic research to help find the etiology (cause) of scoliosis.

    This project is not yet over, and in fact Dr Miller is looking for more families that have two or more generations of people with scoliosis.

    If your family fits this criteria please post your information in this thread about who in the family has scoliosis along with the degree of curve, if you know it, and what form of treatment they may have had. Dr Miller or someone from her lab will contact you with further details.

    Thank you for your help in this very vital matter.
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