I had spinal fusion for severe, double-curve scoliosis in 1972 and have a long Harrington rod. I must have had a wonderful surgeon (Dr. Hugo Keim at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC), because I was pain-free and problem-free for almost 30 years. I've had two babies with no spine-related problems during pregnancy and normal deliveries. In recent years, my back has become "noisy," especially when carrying heavy items or twisting. The noises sound like bone crunching bone, and there is some sensation of grinding - but no pain - along with that. I began to have low back pain if I was on my feet too long or sitting bent over textbooks for too long. A recent new development of pain in the lower right quadrant sent me to the doctor suspecting an ovarian cyst, but an ultrasound exam found no problem in that area. My family doctor sent me for an x-ray to see if a problem in my lumbar spine might be the source of the pain. I don't have the radiologist's report yet, but I do have the x-ray, and even to my untrained eye, it doesn't look good. The Harrington rod appears to be attached at L3. Below this level, the vertebrae appear compressed and misaligned. I'm wondering if I can have an MRI with the metal rod in place. A woman who answered the phone at a local radiology facility says I can have an "open" MRI. If anyone has information or experiences to share, I would really appreciate hearing from you.