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Thread: Looking Tennessee/Atlanta Surgeon

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    Looking Tennessee/Atlanta Surgeon

    Just moved to Knoxville and looking for highly recommended surgeon in Nashville/Knoxville area or nearby Atlanta.

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    Mary Ann,

    Dr. William Horton at Emory (Dr. Horton at Emory ) came well recommended to me. I did go to see him for an initial appointment/opinion. I really liked his bedside manner. In addition he was very thorough and spent a lot of time answering ALL of my many questions. His staff was also very nice as was the waiting room and exam rooms. Ultimately I went with Dr. Lenke at Washington U. in St. Louis, but the decision was hard and at one point I did have surgery dates set up with both doctors while I teeter-tootered between them. So I cannot speak from surgical experience with Dr. Horton, but either he or Emory might be a good place for you to start your search.
    Good luck!
    28 years old
    Wore brace for 3 years as a teen
    Successful surgery with Dr. Lenke on January 12, 2007

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