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Thread: Help! I'm in a lot of pain!

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    Hi Lisa J--

    I recently saw Dr. Boachie Adjei and this was the situation with his fee: they would not let me know exactly how much the appointment would cost but said that it would be between $300 and $600 US dollars (excluding X-rays). When I showed up, they said my X-rays (taken 2 weeks prior at a different facility) were insufficient. When I pressed them and said I couldn't afford new ones, they said that Dr. B could try and work with what I had. In the end, the appointment cost $435.

    Sounds like you have a few options in Canada now though!

    GOOD LUCK! ~Laura

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    feelin like you

    I had surgery at age 16, i'm now 27 years old and expericing extreme pain. My pain starts in my neck on down my spine,across my shoulders. my neck gets so stiff till I can't hold it down, up, left or right, I have bad headaches and oh my arms harts and gets so weak most of the time I don't even know it's on my body. It's like carrying a died limb around. I have been to two doctor one of which is the dr. who performed my surgery, they have done mri's and ct scans have say they have all come back normal. But the pain I experience is horrible and the doctors just don't understand. Are you all able to work with these problems? I have been off work since 10/04/04, and the dr. says its up to me if I want to tack the chance of going back with all the pain and maybe even more pain. If you all are still working how do you cope with pains? And if not working, what type of financial assistance do you get if any such as SSi Disability? I hope that's not being to nosey of personal. I am sorry about your pain but i have nothing to offer. I'm looking for the same solution, if you come up with something will you please let me know what is. Maybe we can help each other.

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    I understand what you are going through. I am on some pretty heavy duty pain killers to help keep my pain levels down. I just started back to work yesterday on a slow return to work plan (I'm only doing half days twice a week to start) and I'm hoping it will take my mind off my pain. I was off for 6 months before returning and my performance was fairly bad before I left, so I will have to really be on the ball to make sure I keep my job.

    I've been to so many doctors; all who say everything's fine and I should be OK, but I finally got some relief from an actual pain specialist with the proper medication. I will never be pain free, but I hope to at least manage it. I also suffer from migraines which is partially to do with my surgeries and neck pain as well. I guess I've almost given up with someone finding something wrong. As I do more and more of my own research I am finding that doctors are not sure of the long term effects of these surgeries and some of them (like mine) have fused so many that it makes life difficult. My original doctor has retired, so I can't even see him and he deals with kids, not adults. Well, what can I say, I think this forum is great for sharing information and for comfort and consolation when it's needed. If you read through my stuff here, you will notice that one thing that helped was a warm pool therapy program. I wish you the best and feel free to email me if you would like.


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