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Thread: I'm Back

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    I'm Back

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all your thoughts while i was gone for my operation.

    Well as you all know everything went fine. My op was on the 28th May and i was allowed to come home on Monday 4th June which was fine cause i was feeling good. But late tuesday night i went to emergency as my posterier incision was bleeding and didn't look right. So in the end they kept my in hospital for another 4 days and put me on antibiotics so they infection wouldn't get any worse. My surgeon said he should'nt of sent me home so soon and that my body still had inflamation thats why my incision was bleeding.

    But just letting you know all is good with me now and im actually feeling quite good considering its only been 13 days since my op. The worst pain is prob my hip and my anterior incision thats more like an ache then anything. But its so weird cos it really does feel like i have rods in my back, i do have burning sensations and pulling in my back but i know its all in the healing process.

    Anyway once im up for it ill write a thread from Day 1 in hospital till now, but im getting sore so ill catch ya's later.

    Had surgery May 28th 2007 Anterior/Posterior getting fused from T3 - L3

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    Hi Lee,

    Glad you're back and feeling well enough to get on here and let us know what's going on with you!!!

    I am always so amazed when someone is able to get back on here so soon after their surgery!!! I couldn't do it. I am starting to wonder if I was just a wuss!!!

    Anyways, I hope your recovery continues to go well!!!


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    Welcome back!

    Dear Lee

    So good to hear from you so soon! Hope you feel strong enough shortly so you can tell us all about it! Anterior and Posterior in the same op. What a legend!

    You're giving me courage to set a date for my surgery.

    Thinking of you

    Anterior/Posterior surgery T5 to Sacrum
    Sydney Australia
    58 years old

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    Hi Lee

    I am so glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you are on your road to recovery!! You are really brave and doing so well so soon!!!!!!

    I am just amazed at how fast the time has passed by because I was scheduled to have surgery in Sep of 2006 but then had changed my mind and decided that it wasn't the right time for me at the time. I remember reading your posts and we had similar curves if I remember correctly.

    Well I am really really happy that all is well with you and wish you a speedy recovery and all the best!!

    30 yrs, mom to two girls ages 9 and 7
    8/9/04 - 18* thoracic and 42* lumbar
    3/7/06 - 22* thoracic and 45* lumbar (38*kyphosis)
    4/8/08 - 38* thoracic and 50-52* lumbar (54* kyphosis)

    2007 - Scheduled surgery but cancelled due to no major health issues at the time.
    2011 - Back pain, spasms, sciatica, difficulty doing any physical work/activities w/o following back pain and spasms. Revisiting surgery decision and soon to schedule a doctors appointment to determine the progression since 2008.

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    Hey Lee

    Its good to hear that your up and about after the surgery. I'm having mine within the next 4-6 weeks.

    Anyways take it easy

    2002 - 42 degree curve (top) and 38 degree curve (bottom)

    2003 - 43 degree curve (top) and 37 degree curve (bottom)

    2007 - 46 degree curve (top) and 48 degree curve (bottom)

    Anterior/Posterior surgery 17th of July and 31st of July 2007 and 2.5 cm's taller

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