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Thread: Inheriting Scoliosis To Your Children

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    Inheriting Scoliosis To Your Children


    First I just wanted to say (since I'm new to this forum)
    that I think this is an amazing forum! I have found it very useful so far
    (and I'm sure I will find it useful for a long time...)

    My question (since I suffer from congenital scolosis): is there any way of knowing what are the chances
    of my children inheriting scoliosis, taking in mind that I have them
    with a woman with\without similar back problems

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    Overgone fusion surgey (L2-L4) C.C.i Device 1996 (age 10)

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    It has been my observance that scoliosis is not passed down to the children. I didn't have kids because I thought the same thing. It makes sense. But, no one in my family has it, nor in the past ( save a bout with polio). So, I say, do what you will......Di

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    There is some research that suggests some idiopathic scoliosis can run in families/be hereditary. They have not found a genetic link or hereditary marker for congenital scoliosis (unless its associated with another syndrome or condition). Congenital scoliosis is often a fluke of nature during early fetal development. We were told the risks are less than 3% (the same as the general population) for having another child with congenital scoliosis after our son was born.
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    Well, I have scoliosis, my daughter has it with need of surgery, and my son has it, but his brace seems to work to keep his cruve down.
    Whe I think of all the genetic problems that a parent can hand down to their children, this is not the worst of them. Yes, treatment can be easier for some then others, but I don't think it should be a deciding factor in having children. If anything, if you have had it you'll know what to look for, have knowledge of treatments, and be able to give advice to your child.


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    I have scoliosis and my oldest daughter had a slight curve that she outgrew. My younger daughter had to have surgery to correct her scoliosis. It will be interesting to see what happens with my grandschildren. My oldest daughter has a boy and a girl. My youngest just started college and doesn't want to have children.
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