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Thread: Osteopathy and Scoliosis

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    No, completely unrelated... In fact they don't resemble one another whatsoever... also, in Bowen the client is passive the entire time, in SI they are very much an active part of the work... . From what I've experienced with it and from what some clients of mine had reported, it seems to be mostly effecting the autonomic nervous sysytem... parasympathetic and sympathetic balancing. I had one client recently who came to me with severe back apin and two frozen shoulders, 5 years post-operative. She had tried Bowen but it didn't seem to have any effect on the frozen shoulders but did offer temporary relief of some of the back pain. For what that's worth.

    Bowen Technique was created by an australian I believe... Usually consists of light touch/contact points.... then the practitioner leaves the room and lets you lay there while your nervous system supposedly 'resets' itself...

    I won't comment any further on that one..
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