I posted this on the Dr. feedback board as well but it seems that more people check this one...

Just wondering if anyone has seen Dr.Akbarnia- I('ve seen his name mentioned a lot on here) and what they thought after their first consult- especially if anyone has "minor" curves.

Also wondering what to expect during my 1st consult. I have been having shoulder/shoulder blade problems recently too (limited range of motion, if I move it the wrong way I have pain so severe it can bring tears to my eyes) can I expect him to look at that as well?

I really don't want to drive all the way down to San Diego just to hear yah you have scoliosis but not bad enough to operate on so continue your days with pain and we'll monitor it. (what I've heard since my scoliosis was discovered- which is aggrivating since it only seems to get worse when I was told it should stabalize after puberty- 5 years ago)

Any advice/information even if your visit was with a different doctor- just what to expect and how thorough they should be.


you can also email me if you'd like with your experiences during your 1st consultations with different doctors at trcylynn85@yahoo.com