hi everyone!
i just found this site and i am hoping to get some help for a friend of mine.
she is 34 years old when she was 14 she was disgnosed with scoliosis. she had harrington rods placed at that time. she has 3 small children. after her 3rd child, she started having these pain in her thoracic spine, tingling in her arms and hands. she went to the doc who done her surgery and he said everything is ok. well, now she is having these same problems plus more. she has a lot of pressure in her head, she has these spells daily, she cant speak, she can hear and see. she gets real weak her eyes get dilated. and it last for a couple of minutes and goes away.
she notices when she is up doing things with her arms and hands. i have seen her have these spells and it is terrible. she even does sometimes when she is driving and turns her head a certain way or raises her arm. she has seen ortho, neuro, vasc surgeon, cardio, and has had mri,ct,ultasounds,myelogram,tilt test and more. her docs say all tests are normal. iwas reading her myelogram and it says "the thoracic cord is not adequately seen due to scoliosis and rods are posterriorly. the thoracic region largely obscured due to rods and metal threads. "
the doctors are saying this is anxiety! she doesnt feel this is her problem and neither do i . i feel so sorry for her. she is a go-getter and loves to do all kinds of things. the doc said here is some effexor take this and you will be ok!

please help with any suggestions for her!!!

does anyone have these probs or ever heard of this?
thanks so much!!!!