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Thread: Any experience with Functional Electrical Stimulation?

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    Question Any experience with Functional Electrical Stimulation?

    Has anyone out there had any experience with Functional Electical Stimulation in a juvenile idiopathic scoliosis patient with continued curve progression? My seven year-old son has worn a Boston brace with continued curve progression as he grows out of the brace every 3--6 months and then it pushes in the wrong direction. He started out at a 30 degree thoracic curve and 28 degree lumbar curve & is now at 40 degree thoracic and 30 degree lumbar curve.

    We saw a Physiatrist his Pediatrician referred us to yesterday & will see his Pediatric Ortho in a couple of weeks for his opinion, but I'm having a hard time believing that this FES can be successful. The Physiatrist said he practiced in Maine for 2 years with positive results in children, but I didn't ask for proof. And not sure if my insurance will cover it anyway...requires prior authorization with medical documentation.

    Does anyone know of any credible studies and/or info. regarding Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)?

    Thanks Everybody!

    Kim T.
    A concerned mom

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    If you are talking about the electric stim that chiros sometimes use, it won't reduce curves, but I think it helps to loosen up muscles. We always have it done when we have pulled a muscle and it feels really good.
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