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Thread: Surgrey On Friday The 13th!

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    Surgrey On Friday The 13th!

    I Had made an appointment for my surgrey and the only availble dates were my birthday or friday the 13th so i took that. i am very scared my surgrey is in a week and its hard cause i have to stay in the hospital for a week. Im getting Lumbar Fusion done. Wish me good luck ill keep you posted!

    my name is alexis
    I was diegnosed with scoliosis in 2003
    im having surgrey Friday April, 13
    Scoliosis is scary but im glad i wont have it anymore

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    Good luck and hope all goes well which I am sure it will. Yeah, I'd rather not have it on my birthday. Like you said, keep us posted.
    My Scoliosis
    My curves are 15 and 21.
    I wear a Boston Brace
    Don't think I am getting surgery

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    Southwest Florida

    Good luck with your surgery. Hope everything goes well!!
    Mák Veronika
    14 yr.o. girl 9th grade
    Boston Brace since December 2005
    Location in Florida

    I play flute.
    I LOVE ROCK!!!!!

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