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Thread: cervical disc removal

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    cervical disc removal

    Hi guys its been awhile. I had a disc removed last June L5S1. things seem to ok started to have some recurring numbness and pressure. My neurosurgeon says everything looks ok. But I also have an extremely large herniated disc in my neck. MRI shows it has doubled in size since a year ago. It causes extreme numbness in both arms and hands.Also very stiff neck with headaches. My neuro plans to remove it next Thursday. Has anyone had this done and if so what were the results

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    Disk in neck

    Hello, yes in 9/06 I had C5 and C6 removed. It solved alot of my health issues. I haven't dropped anything since my operation. The first couple of days are scary, it hurts alot but after the nerves reconnected I was find. At two weeks I could walk up too 3 miles. I couldn't walk before the op. At 4 weeks I was briskly walking 6 miles. On the 6 mile day I would be stiff. The problem is riding in the car. It still bothers me even now. If I go any distance. I know my limittations and follow them. I still don't carry anything over 5 or 10 pounds. Like my purse. I still need a six level fusion in my thoracic so I think pain is coming from those large herniations. But I would do it again in a minute. I'm going to do the next operation to get my life back. So with all the improvments in this field they have come along way, you will be fine. Just ask if you have any question? I check this site everyday. Lois
    T4 to T11 surgery???

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    I had C4 to C6 fused (and disk removed) a year ago this month. It was the best thing I ever did. I was scared about how much movement I would lose, but the only thing I notice is I cant use my shoulder to hold the phone anymore and my surgeon says I shouldn't do that anyways. He even told me at the last visit he is really pleased with how much movement I do have and to continue all exercises to keep it that way.

    Good Luck

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