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Thread: "rivised surgery",my update

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    well, I'm 35, just had my second operation. The first one, to correct a 50 degree curve I had full instrumantation fused T-4 through L-5. I then developed flat back sooo, 6 mo.s later they RE-DO it all over again and add four rods in one area. By now I'm 3 mo.s after and barely can manage getting around and am in more pain then before either surgery! What could be going wrong now! How many surgeries can one person have of this magnitude?I went from being VERY active with moderate pain, and working part time (with four kids), to this, and still on meds.I relize they say (Dr.s), to give it one full year to recover, but if they keep doing surgeries how are you supposed to ever get there??

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    If your pain is worse, and the surgeon is not giving you an explanation as to why, I would strongly recommend getting a second opinion. In what area do you live?


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    Going elsewhere would be a very good idea. The pain you are in says that something is wrong. As hard as all of this is try to keep your hopes up and go to someone else!

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