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Thread: Poll - How tall were/are you?

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    Talking Poll - How tall were/are you?

    After reading posts, I was just curious how tall we (as a group) were before and after fusion surgery. In other words, is there any correlation between height and spinal curvature. It just seems to me(and perhaps wrongly) that scoliosis or degree of curve may relate to height as it is the continued growth of the spine, but without an increase in height. Please, respone as I would like to see a real cross section. Just curious...

    Personally, I am 5'8" with my curves, and I've been told that I will likely gain 2-3 inches.

    44 year old female
    Surgery on Nov. 1, 2010
    Dr. Darrell Hanson, Methodist Hospital
    Posterior Only, 9 hours
    Presurgical: T 61 Degrees, L 58 degrees, with 15 degrees of thoracolumbar rotation
    Postsurgical: T 26, L 25

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    near Philadelphia
    I used to be five feet, am now four-ten , and am expected to gain about an inch or two after surgery.
    A/P fusion on June 19, 2007 at age 52; T10-L5
    Pre-op thoracolumbar curve: 70 degrees
    Post-op curve: 12 degrees
    Dr. Boachie-adjei, HSS, New York

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    That is a good question. I was 5' 8". One day (pre surgery) while measuring my kids I had my husband measure me and I was 5' 6 3/4" I said "measure me again!!" I couldn't believe it. I did get my height back after surgery thank goodness. (I did have only a lumbar curve.)

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    before surgery i was 5 feet 3.5 inches after surgery i measured at 5 feet 5 inches, which is what i was when i was in my 20's i'm now 43. pretty cool advantage to having surgery.

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    I was 5'6. Now I'm 5'7 and half. My students noticed it more than anyone when they no longer towered over me- well not as much anyway. My tops seem shorter now though.

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    Houston, Texas now live in Colorado Springs, CO
    I have been 5'3" since I was about 13. I was 5'3" going into my surgery at the age of 48 and 5'1 & a half after surgery.

    April 8 & 12, 2004 - Anterior/Posterior surgery 15 hours & 7 hours
    Thorasic - 79 degree down to 22
    Lumbar - 44 degree down to 18
    Fused T2 to sacrum
    June 2, 2005 - Pedicle subtraction osteotomy @L3 7 hours
    MAY 21, 2007 - Pedicle subtraction osteotomy @ L2, extended the fusion to S2 and added pelvic instrumentation 9 hours


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    Poll: How tall were/are you?

    Hi Ann,

    I am 8 months post-op, had two 8-hour surgeries and am fused T-3 to the sacrum. When I was in my 20's I was 5'9.5. Before surgery at the age of 54 I was 5'3.5 and after surgery, 5'9. I'm almost back to my original height. It's
    great! I needed all new clothes!

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    I have gained an inch since my surgery. I was 5'1" and I'm now 5'2". When you're short, every inch counts lol
    Anterior surgery 18th Jan 07
    Fused from T8 to T12 with 2 ribs removed
    Surgery was done by Mr Harrison and his team at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, England
    Revision posterior surgery on 26th April 07 to remove protruding rib stumps
    No longer wearing a Stanmore custom hard backed brace
    Posterior surgery on 18th August 08 due to non fusion of first op and further kyphosis. Two rods from T2 to T12

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    Oct 2004
    Early 20's
    5' 0"

    Age 29
    4' 11.75"

    5 days post surgery age 30

    5' 2"

    A few months post surgery age 30

    5' 1-1.5"

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    Euharlee, Georgia
    I was 5'4" before surgery, 5'7" after surgery, and now 30 years later I am 5'5'.
    My daughter was 5'4" before surgery and after surgery is now 5'6".
    T12- L5 fusion 1975 - Rochester, NY
    2002 removal of bottom of rod and extra fusion
    3/1/11 C5-C6 disc replacement
    Daughter - T7 - L3 fusion 2004

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    I was 5'4.5 after my first surgery (can't remember what I was pre-surgery) in 1991.
    Had a row with a friend who said she was 5'2, I said she can't be cos I'm 5'4.5 and we were exactly same height back to back, so we got someone to measure us, I was 5'2!!! I lost 2.5 inches when my old Harrington Rod broke, however I have regained 2 of those inches in Nov 2006 during my revision surgery, and my tops all seem too short too!
    1st Surgery in 1991 aged 15
    Fused T2 to L2
    'S' curve
    Before surgery T39 L49
    Revision surgery 6th Nov 2006

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    New Jersey
    I think in my 20's I was somewhere around 5'3" or 5'4", I lost height and before my surgery, I was 5'2 1/2", now I am 5"4 and a half (now age 36), so I gained two inches in height after my surgery.
    Surgery date: April 20, 2004
    Anterior/posterior surgery
    Fused T-11 to L-5
    Pre op lumbar curve: 70 degrees, thoracic curve: 42 degrees
    Post op lumbar curve: 19 degrees, thoracic curve: 18
    Surgeon: Dr. Boachie-Adjei
    Had successful pregnancy and birth 2 years post-op

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    Mar 2005
    NJ across from NYC
    Before surgery in 1981 5'1" age 26; after surgery, and currently 5'4" age 52
    1981 Surgery with Harrington Rod; fused from T2 to L3 - Dr.Keim (at 26 years old)
    2000 Partial Rod Removal
    2001 Right Scapular Resection
    12/07/2010 Surgical stabilization L3 through sacrum with revision harrington rod instrumentation, interbody fusion and pre-sacral fusion L5-S1 - Dr. Boachie (at 56 years old)
    06/11/14 - Posterior cervical fusion C3 - T3 (Mountaineer System) due to severely arthritic joints - Dr. Patrick O'Leary (at age 59)

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    Oct 2005
    Grand Rapids, MI
    I was 5'4" fully grown. Lost an inch at 47 to 5'3". After my posterior surgery T5-L5 I gained 2 inches to 5'5". My curves were 72 and 77 degrees.


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    I gainedn about 2 inches I think a lot of it is my posture because I am standing so straight now.
    surgery 9/06
    Rothman institute

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