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Thread: Surgery....infection and bleeding

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    Surgery....infection and bleeding

    I know surgery carries a risk of bleeding and infection and was wondering if anyone can tell me just how risky this is?? My daughter has a blood clotting disorder (already had a stroke removing a brain tumor) and is on blood thinners. She is also diabetic, among many other medical issues from the tumor.

    We see her ortho this Fri to see where she's at (62 degrees Kyphosis Nov 2006). Surgery is discussed at 70 degrees. I'm so scared, I'm a face is breaking out like a teenager!! lol Seriously, I really need any advice on this and what to expect as I fear surgery is going to be discussed.

    Skylar's mom

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    Big hugs to you, mom. Each one of your concerns needs to be brought up with the surgeon, the nurses, the anesthesiologists and anyone else you can find. You need specific answers - specific to Skylar. (you already know that, but had to say it out loud).

    To answer your question generally about blood loss, for posterior only surgery (done from the back only) the blood loss is minimal. Many posterior only patients don't require transfusions because of the minimal loss. Braydon has had two very invasive surgeries that required transfusion during recovery, but not in the operating room. Both were surgeries for his back/spine that involved thoracotomy incisions (incisions where they cut apart ribs to access the front - anterior - part of the spine).

    I also know several young patients who had scoliosis surgery who also had major heart defects. The ortho coordinated everything with the cardiologists and made sure all the bases were covered. I'm sure in her case, if surgery is recommended, the docs can meet together and discuss the best "plan" for her.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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    Sorry it took so long to reply!! I really appreciate your advice and info, and take it all to heart. I will keep you informed!

    Thanks, Melanie

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