We are due to see my daughters ortho who has moved to Detroit from Louisianna. Any pros or cons with Dr. Reynolds? Don't know much about him...heard he was good and we don't have the luxary of finding a different Dr because of my daughters underlying other medical conditions, namely diabetes, blood clotting disorder and no pituitary gland funtion. We are due to see the Dr this Friday and I have tons of questions but I want to know if there are potentially life threatening questions to ask that I don't want to miss. Right now my daughter has a 62 degree curve (as of last Nov) so she could be at the 70 degree mark that poses the question of surgery or not. I'm very scared to say the least. My daughter is still recovering from a brain tumor and massive stroke 2 years ago (she is 15 now). No puberty has begun but she is on a low dose of Estrogen. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.