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Thread: Dr Lloyd Hey - NC

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    Dr Lloyd Hey - NC

    My 13 yo daughter had surgery with Dr Hey on Feb. 22, 2007. He is wonderful and did great work. Her curves went from T48, L48 to 0,0! He has a web site -
    13 yo dd 36degree thoracic, 32 degree lumbar
    in 8 weeks at 44T, 39L next 8weeks at 48T, 48L.
    After surgery 0T, 0L!!

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    Wow....your daughter's curves progressed so rapidly! I'm so glad she had successful surgery with Dr. Hey.
    Mother of Laura, Age 19
    Diagnosed with S curve at Age 13 (49*T/32*L)
    Wore brace for one year (Wilmington Jacket)
    Posterior spinal fusion on April 17, '08 with Dr. Flynn at CHOP (Age 16)
    Fused T2-L2
    Pre-op curves: 41*UT/66*T/34*L
    Post-op curves: 14*UT/19*T/19*L
    Note: At 1 yr. post-op appt, UNFUSED lumbar curve improved to 14*!!
    OK to email me at:

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