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Thread: Anyone had their fusion extended or fused to S1?

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    Great to hear!!
    I'm always glad to hear of these success stories in my mind. I have many many obstacles that I can't hurdle now and I'm ready to do something about it. Cutting my toenails now is quite the chore so that, I can get used to. It's the simple things like cleaning and going away with the girls for a day or something. My facet joints cause me so much pain below my fusion that being out and about for 6 hours is a long day for me. I hate not being able to "keep up" with my friends. I would love to hang out for a day without taking a two hour lay down. I mean grant it I probably never will be totally able but halfway would be nice. My biggest issue, well not biggest but something that would be great would be to be able to dance when I go go out with my friends. Can you dance?
    I hide in the shadows cause I don't want people dancing into me and just watch and wish I could. That may or may not happen post revision but who knows. Another issue with me and my fiance is having a baby, that is foggy right now too. And those compact cars, forget it. I don't even attempt it now because of the pain when I move my 'joints'. I shy away from every car exept mine. I bought it just for the reason that it is hip level and I can just slide in and slide out. It's an SVW. I am really sick of footing the bills for gas though and putting all the miles on my car though!!LOL
    I can ramble forever, but I won't.
    Thanks again,
    28 years old. Fusion for Scoliosis at age 17 from T1 to L1 area with Harrington Rods. Surgery in Sept 2003 for degeneration of discs and bone spurring of the facet joints. (Been dealing with the pain and immobility for almost 4 years.) Found out now that the spurring is back and there is more of it along with disc bulging. Going to NYC on 6-17 to see revision doctor. Probably will be having fusion extended to S1.

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    Good luck to you! Years of pain is not fun at all. While the surgery is scary, remember, it is short lived compared to the rest of your life. Get lots of help and support from everyone.

    I don't do any dancing, just not my thing. I can, however, relate to not wanting anyone to run into you on the dance floor. I find I still keep my back away from people in general.

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