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Thread: Scoliosis Awareness Flyer

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    Scoliosis Awareness Flyer

    As some of you may have read in previous posts another forum that is specifically for children with scoliosis is hosting a scoliosis awareness week March 4th-10th. There is a flyer that can be distributed...if you are a member of Facebook you can join the event and view the flyer with pictures included from this link

    Also shirts and posters are on sale from Spinekids

    (Also here is part of the flyer if you are not a member of Facebook)

    Scoliosis Awareness Week
    March 4th-10th

    Did you know?
    -Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine; where the vertebrae rotates causing the spine to curve.
    -In most cases its cause is unknown.
    -Usually scoliosis is diagnosed during adolescence and since most curves worsen rapidly during growth spurts this is the crucial time to monitor scoliosis.
    -Most patients who are diagnosed with scoliosis are otherwise healthy children.
    if the curve becomes severe, it can lead to respiratory problems, severe back pain, and could continue to worsen throughout adulthood.
    However, if the curve is kept at a minimum, then
    scoliosis poses few problems.

    Importance of Awareness
    Unfortunately, most people don’t know enough about scoliosis to know the signs. At the same time, school screenings for scoliosis are not always adequate. Oftentimes, children with scoliosis are cleared as healthy through the screenings. If scoliosis is diagnosed early, curves can be kept at a minimum through bracing.
    If bracing fails or if the patient is not diagnosed early enough the only recourse is spinal fusion where the curved part of the spine is fused and held straight with rods. Even with surgery a patient is never considered “cured” of scoliosis. Although scoliosis is not anything new and spinal fusions have been performed for over 90 years, still relatively little is known about the causes and the options for scoliosis patients are still very limited. If more people become aware of scoliosis then perhaps more patients with scoliosis will have the courage to speak out because awareness is the first step to finding a cause and a cure.

    Feel free to use and make changes

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    Thanks for the poster


    Thanks for taking the time to make this poster. I put it up in my office during scoli week and it really generated a lot of discussion. I am amazed at how little most people know about scoli. I have saved a copy of your flier and plan on using it again next year.

    Thanks again.
    Spencer's Dad

    11 year old boy with PMD Luekodystrophy
    Nonambulatory, nonverbal, nonweight bearing
    VRO and Pemberton hip reconstruction at age 5
    Nissen fundo at at age 7
    Subdermal spinal drug pump at age 9
    Complete Spinal Fusion Jan. 9, 2007 at age 10.
    118 degree curve before surgery - less than 25 after!!

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