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    I just got home yesterday and after a 1 1/2 hrs of sitting being driven home driving and searching all over the house for a place to sit. When I went to bed lying down felt like my lower back up butt felt like that I was lying on a bubble - like swelling. Has anyone experience something similar?


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    Do you mean like across the lower back like hip/tailbone area? When my son was still in the hospital he had swelling across this area. Dr. was not sure what was the cause because it was below the incision/fusion area (T4-L4). If I remember correctly, his opinion was that because of the trauma the body experiences due to the surgery, the body produces fluids and the fluids sometimes may accumulate in an area other than the area operated on. In my son's case, he was in alot of pain, groggy from meds and wasn't up and walking as much the first few days and so it was thought that may have also been a factor. As he became more mobile, the swelling slowly subsided.

    Hope everything else is going ok for you. Take care-


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    Hi Sue, welcome home. I had the same feeling in the same location for awhile and mine was due to swelling. It will go away but it is pretty gradual. Remember to take each day at a time. Try not to get frustrated, the worse is behind you. Best wishes.

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