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Thread: To all who responded about Trudy

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    To all who responded about Trudy

    I will post any and all information that I get from her husband. And when the time is right I will print all the posts and send to him. I am sure it would be a blessing to know how many of us her life touched. I am also questioning the cause of death as I don't know how that is possible. It may be that her husband was confused as to exactly what happened. He was very upset when I talked to him so maybe next time he will know more. Dr Shelokov is my doctor and I know that he has only lost 2 patients prior to Trudy. I would never hold this against him as sometimes things can go terribly wrong. I think there are few, if any, doctors who do such extreme surgeries that have not lost a patient. If indeed it is the fault of the anesthesiologist I am sure the autopsy will show it. This is a horrible tragedy. I know it has to be devastating to Doc Shelokov also. All we can do is to continue to send our thoughts and prayers for comfort to the family.
    Linda G.

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    Hi Linda...

    Actually, death from or during scoliosis surgery is extremely rare. For adolescents, it's 0.03%. I don't know the percentage for adults, but I doubt it comes anywhere near 1%. When it does happen, it's usually because of some co-morbidity, and not from doctor error.

    I don't know enough about the circulatory system to know whether what you've been told as to the cause actually makes sense. (Karen, do you know?) Either way, it sounds to me like the problem was not likely caused by the surgeon. I believe it's the anesthesiologist's job to control bleeding.


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