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Thread: 2-3% of the population.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~ScoliosisGirl~
    Its true.. 3/100 (3%) people have it (mostly girls)and its sad thats most of them are not aware/ dont even know what it is.. When i first got my brace maybe one kid knew what this scoliosis thing was.. all the other people didnt know.. and its a shame because they might even have it and they are not aware of it..

    That's a higher percentage than I thought, especially for the general population. Of those diagnosed, I wonder what percentage are girls. Maybe 65%?

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    I am not trying to be racist, but I can tell you that I, being a redhead and having scoli are really hard because nobody understands what you have and why you have to use so much sunscreen, and why you have to wear a brace for 23/7. People are always calling me "that ginger kid," and it is summer so I don't know what all my school mates will think of this brace. My friend one day when we were about to go swiming said, oh my, I can tell, see look mom, dosen't it look bad?(this was before brace) I really did want to screem. However, nobody should make fun of you for scoliosis and no one should make fun of you for having red hair, pale skin, and so many freckles. Whether you can change it or not nobody should make fun of you for what you are! Anybody who does is not worth talking to. So what if they spread it to the whole school, your real friends will still like you!

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    I wonder if it's location. It seems to me I must know a higher % of people that have scoliosis. On the other hand, unless someone actually TELLS you they have it you might not know.

    My daughter has it but so does her father. Apparently he has Kyphosis since he has the hump on his back, I never knew there were 2 different versions. I just thought it was all just Scoliosis.

    Anyway, when she got the brace & we went to the nurse at school, the nurse told us the year before another girl had a brace. We have no idea if the person is 1 or 2 years ahead of DD. That means there is at least one other person in her school that has Scoliosis severe enough to need the brace. Who knows how many have it that are in the 10-20 degree range that are just being watched.

    Then I went to add DD to our prayer list at church, found out the secretary had a spinal fusion and not only that but another person who must have had it done fairly recently as he just left for college last year, had it done too.

    I had no idea either of those 2 had Scoliosis. We also have another friend that has it but you can't tell by looking, she never had the surgery but she did wear a brace when she was younger.

    I'm thinking there are tons more people we know that have it but we don't know that they have it. Even DD's teachers didn't realize it last year she was wearing a brace (even though the nurse was supposed to let them know). She was a cheerleader and I know sometimes they wear their uniforms to school, that wasn't going to work real well with the brace. Her cheer coach was her Science teacher, so she didn't even realize DD was wearing a brace until we told her regarding the uniforms and that was in October (we start school end of August!). That's how well she was able to wear stuff that concealed it. I'm sure there were kids that had no clue.

    I have yet to run into anyone who doesn't know what Scoliosis is around here. Now it might be possible at DD's school with the kids since they no longer do the dive test for it (we all did that in school). I know she did a report on it in 7th grade for Science class -- so at least those kids know. I don't know if she actually told them she had it but everyone had to do a report on different diseases, so it wasn't anything singling her out.

    Since DH has it, Scoliosis has been part of our family forever, it just is & DH makes jokes about his back all the time (almost to the annoying point) -- so of course, DD has that as a model and now things can get REALLY amusing here with them BOTH going at it.

    Mom to 14 year DD with 48* curve, awaiting surgery.

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