Hey I just wanted to say my story.. I had surgery for scoliosis when I was 13, on Aug 20th, 2001 (How strange is it that you can not forget the date). Now 5 1/2 yrs later at the age of 18, I recently had an extreme pain that caused spasms that made me cry (and I dont cry easily), I'm a freshman in college and life doesnt stop for a little pain. So, I forced myself to continue threw it, taking asprin and tylanol but of course it was like taking vitamens. Now, my father owns his own pharmacy, and I work there. After seeing the pain I was in, he gave me stronger medications, and we set up an appointment with my scoliosis doctor. Sadly to say not even the medications he gave me could help the pain. The pain became so bad that the spasms would cause paralysis in my legs (only temporarily) but enough to cause me to fall if I was walking or standing. Also, I had problems breathing and chest pains. After my doctor's visit, he didnt know what was wrong, but he did have a solution. Rod removal surgery, only after he tried anti-inflamatory meds, and arthritis meds. Neither worked, and I just scheduled my surgery for March 14th, in the middle of my Spring Break. I am a sorority girl, in college. I should be living the happiest times of my life, but instead I am heavily medicated getting through my classes waiting for the day of surgery knowing that post op pain will be lesser than what I am dealing with now. So pray for me, and any questions. Just ask. -Ali K