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Thread: new to list---left thoracic curve

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    new to list---left thoracic curve

    My 7-year old daughter Caitlyn was just diagnosed with a "mild" left thoracic curve. Not sure of degree of curve, am waiting on final radiology report, but it does seem quite mild. They will be doing an MRI to rule out complications in about 6 weeks. I am worried about her age--even though the curve is mild, she has so much growing left. I'm also wondering about outcomes for most kids diagnosed at this age. Also worried about the left thoracic part as this seems to come with increased risks. Anyone have similar experiences, comments, tips??? Also, any good books that people would recommend??

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    Hi Caitlyn's mom,

    Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to ask questions and seek encouragement from other parents in similar circumstances. The diagnosis period is so difficult, trying to understand what the doctors are telling you and waiting and waiting and waiting for appointments. Hopefully, they will confirm that your daughter's curve is mild and not related to anything more serious. As far as continued growth is concerned, you will definitely want to stay right on top of your doctors appointments since the curve is very likely to be affected by growth. Hopefully, you have a good pediatric orthopedic doctor with experience in treating childhood scoliosis that you trust and who will be monitoring things for you. Dont be too shocked if the MRI shows the curve is bigger than you think or were previously told. MRI's can provide more information than an X-ray.

    Anyway, hope all goes well for you and keep us posted on how things are going.
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