Dear All-

I accidentally posted this message in the teen section (thank you, Linda, for catching that) so I am reposting it here hoping that some of you may have be able to advise me.

I am trying to understand and plan for the financial aspects of my daughter's surgery. I assume that the surgeon's fees are separate from the hospital fees. Does anyone have an estimate of what the various expenses are?

I suspect that the costs are contingent on the complexity of the surgery...and here's what I know about my daughter's surgery thus far. The plan that we recieved says that he plans to perform a "posterior spine fuson" of "L1-4" as well as a "Smith-Petersen-type posterior element osteotomy."

I know that Dr. Boachie's office doesn't accept insurance. Does this mean that the patient has to pay the surgeon's fees out-of-pocket after the surgery? Or, are there instances when one can submit the bills to one's insurance company without having to front the cash. Basically, I am trying to figure out how much money do I need to have available for the surgery. Someone else on the board estimated that I should plan on about $5k worth of out-of-pocket expenses but this did not include the surgeon's fees. Does anyone have additional information, particularly if you/your child has had a similar surgery with Dr. Boachie's? I appreciate any information that you may have. Many thanks.