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Thread: Chiropractic Treatment

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    Chiropractic Treatment

    Hi all,

    So this was interesting and I thought I'd run it by some of you. Since I'm waiting and watching, I met with a chiropractor just to get some information. He was candid and admitted that it typically does not reverse scoliosis, though he did say he had one patient who went from 30 to 20 something (but could also be measurement error I suppose). Anyway, he said one of the benefits is that it can help prevent or prolong degeneration. He works with a few post-op patients who are having problems with this. This makes sense to me. I suppose it could also help with spinal flexibility, but I don't know for sure. I suppose even if it helps a little with posture, it can't be that bad... I'm probably going to go for an initial consult and a few visits. I'll let you all know how it goes, but would be curious to hear any thoughts. I've read a lot of posts about chiros in general, but they were all related specifically to curve progression. I wonder if these are other benefits that should be considered or whether it's hogwash...
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    Hi Brian, there has been post after post here about chiropractors. I would advise that you try and find as many as you can and read them, and then make the decison to go or not. As you said and I agree it can be interesting
    but so can getting other peoples opinions on whether it helps or not. Also very beneficial.

    All the best
    Operation 1966, Fused from T4 to L3, had Harrington rods inserted. Originally had an 85 degree Thoracic curve with lumbar scoliosis as well but had a good correction.
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    I don't think it would hurt to try, it seems some get relief from pain. Just make sure he is reputable and not promising the world to you. My chiro is the one who told me that I probably needed surgery.
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