Hello to all! I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation with a child as mine. Shelby is now 10, and just last month had her fourth surgey to have her growth rods lengthened. Although she recovers fairly qiuckly, there are certain aspects of the surgery and post-op that seem to be getting harder for her each time to deal with. As it is, we've worked the last six months on getting her comfortable to take her brace of for an hour a day, otherwise she'd have pantic attacks at the doctor's office for visits. This last surgery, she couldn't handle having the bandages removed without a major fuss. Some of this I know is over reacting, some may be some pain (the big pads placed on after surgery do stick quite a bit). Does anyone else have similar problems with their child, or other aspects of life that they child should be able to handle, but won't because they use it as an excuse.
Thanks, Em.