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Thread: Chest Pain

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    Chest Pain

    My husband, 22, is suffering from intense chest pain - which the doctor attributes to a moderate case of scoliosis. The pain occurs periodically. For a few weeks he will be fine and then it returns. At its worst, he is unable to move and suffers a great deal...

    Is this common? I haven't been able to find much information regarding chest pain and scoliosis. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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    That sounds very advice would be to seek another opinion...take x-ray...that should not happen from scoliosis..maybe his physcian just wanted to give you something to hear. How severe is his curve...if its over 75 that may cause breathing problems but not on and off.
    good luck

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    My dad went through that too, but he had kyphosis (hunchback) too. I would suggest ruling out anything else. Chest pain can be caused by many things and they should be looked into. When it comes to something like that don't go with assumptions!

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