I cancelled my appointment at Children's Hospital. It made me nervous because usually I just do whatever doctors tell me to do .

I then spoke with Shriners. The woman I spoke to was actually entering in my application right when I called . She looked it over, asked for any other needed information, and told me that he will definitely be accepted based on the application, but it will need to go through all the necessary routes first. She explained that I will probably get a letter in the mail in about two weeks with an appointment scheduled date on it.

I am truly happy with my decision. When I set up the appointment at Children's Hospital, the woman I spoke with was not warm at all. She was not rude, but just all business. Shriners was very warm, answered all my questions, and really put me at ease. This helped take away my nervousness and truly made me feel empowered in my son's medical decision making process.