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Thread: Neuralgia

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    Can anyone help me.....

    I was wondering if anyone on this forum suffers from Neuralgia in the head?
    It feels like a bad headache/mirgraine but its more like shooting pains on one side of the head.
    I was wondering if people with Scoliosis get this too or is it just me???
    I don't get them that much one every 4 - 6 weeks sometime i wake up with it cos my neck starts off sore then i get these shooting pains which can last up to 1 - 3 days its not constant every now and then it will happen especially if im laying down or sitting then i get up to move they will start.

    As soon as i have anti - inflamitries with Codein it seems to go away.

    Can anyone help me????

    Had surgery May 28th 2007 Anterior/Posterior getting fused from T3 - L3

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    Hi Lee,
    I have the same symptoms, although they haven't happened for a while (knock on wood). My doctor told me not to worry about it, and I have no idea if it is connected to scoliosis or not. I know that I get the head pains more when I'm stressed.

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    I get them too.

    Neck tension, allergies, stress and cold weather can trigger it.
    35 y/old female from Montreal, Canada
    Diagnosed with scoliosis(double major) at age 12, wore Boston brace 4 years at least 23 hours a day-curve progressed
    Surgery age 26 for 60 degree curve in Oct. 1997 by Dr.Max Aebi-fused T5 to L2
    Surgery age 28 for a hook removal in Feb. 1999 by Dr.Max Aebi-pain free for 5 years
    Surgery age 34 in Dec.2005 for broken rod replacement, bigger screws and crosslinks added and pseudarthrosis(non union) by Dr. Jean Ouellet

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