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Thread: Nerve damage

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    Nerve damage

    Hello all:

    During my revision surgery for scoliosis in September 2002 (age 45 then), there was unspecified nerve damage that has resulted in pretty bad pain in my left leg. After going through the gamut since then, I am now considering one of two possibilities: an injection (or series of injections) of cortisone/steroids in the L4 area, or (less appealing to me) an implant of a spinal cord stimulator. I am wondering if anyone else out there has had nerve damage and what treatments you have used, whether successfully or unsuccessfully.

    For the record, all X-rays, MRI's, CT scans show no nerve compression or visible nerve damage. Drugs, physical therapy and acupuncture so far have had virtually no effect.

    Even though I am sick of the leg pain, for some reason, I seem to be scared away from even the nerve injection and would love to hear about others experience.

    Many thanks,

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    hello and im sorry to hear about your nerve problem im am 30 yrs old had 2 surgeries so far a third pending and a major nerve damage on my whole right side it has effectd eveything i do and it no fun to deal with i even lose my step in my leg and fall im in the middle of seein a new Dr and hope for some good results on my damage but i will get back to you if i come across any information RUSS

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    I went through a series of cortizone/steroid injections in fall of 2003 for facet and SI pain with no success. I may have had relief for a day or two after the injection but the side effect of weight gain left me worse off. It was not worth it for me and I am still in severe pain and working hard to get the extra weight off.

    I have not tried the stimulator but have you been informed of RF or Risotomy procedures for nerve pain/damage? You may want to inquire about those procedures as an alternative. My brother has had great success with those.

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    I too, have nerve damage and decided that drugs and more surgery were not the answer. I turned to meditation and have found that with regular practice (15 minutes a day) I am able to deal with the pain quite effectively. The pain has not disappeared but my relationship to the pain has changed completely and it is no longer the issue that is was.

    The meditation was actually quite hard to begin with, I had trouble sitting quietly for even 5 minutes but I stayed with it and after about 3 months could do 15 minutes easily. It helps to find a group that does this on a regular basis.

    Good luck!


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