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Thread: Anything on Dr. Cotler in HOU?

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    Anything on Dr. Cotler in HOU?


    Someone just recommended Dr. Howard B. Cotler in Houston to me and wonder if anyone knows about him.

    I'm scheduled to visit with Dr. Lagrone in Amarillo for the first time in 2 weeks (I can't wait) but since someone told me about this other Houston doctor I thought that I'd ask since I am in Houston.



    1975 Clear hard plastic body cast worn
    1976 Operated for high grade Spondylolisthesis; lumbar fused from L2-Sacrum and Harrington rods inserted
    1976 Wore regular type body cast and in bed rest for 1 year
    1977 Rods removed
    2006 Diagnosed with Flat back syndrome with sagittal imbalance
    2008 Scheduled for wide pedicle subtraction osteotomy, sooner if pain increases

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    Hi Marilyn...

    I'm not certain that this is of any importance, but I see that Dr. Cotler is not a member of the Scoliosis Research Society. I couldn't find his CV online, but it appears that while he's a spine surgeon, he might not be specialized in deformity. If you do decide to see him, be sure to find out how many surgeries like what you'll need, he typically does every year.


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