Hi MariHou,

I know what you mean when you were talking about not being able to go to any of your appointement alone. I am the same. My husband as always been with me, and if he can't make it my best friend always takes is place.
She will take a day off (without pay) to be sure that I am not alone. Not even for an MRI.or Scan. She always makes a day of it. Time for us to be together. We are very lucky.
As for your hip pain. My pain started as being only in the lower back then over the yrs progressed to the hip and back then now back hip and leg. My last MRI was not clear enought for them to see exacly, but they did say that they could see possible Stenosis, on both sides. Very sever on my left side.
Lyrica as help control the pain, two, three times a day if needed.
Just wanted to let you know, good luck keep us posted. Cécile