I wonder if anyone out there can give me a bit of insite if experiencing the same thing as me.

About 2 months ago or so I started to experience a pain in my lower left back and after one month it moved more toward my left hip. Now, every step that I take with my left foot I feel pain in my left hip. Short back history is below in my signature. Now, after 30 years of minimal ups and downs of pain (guess that I have a high tolerance of pain) I get daily and solid pain in my left hip. Mom tells me that doctor did not take bone from hip, or anywhere, to do fusion and I do not have the harrington rods any more. I don't get it...does anyone out there with lower back surgery, fused back, and no bone taken from anywhere all of the sudden start to get pain in one hip?

Just wondering as went to doctor and he pretty much laughed at me. Said that my back has so many wrong things going that I should not come to visit him again unless severe pain persists. Did not phase me too much because I deal well with pain. He just said, no sense doing anything when so much is wrong unless is hurts to the point of being unbearable. Well, it doesn't hurt unbearably but it is a constant and steady pain for about 2 months now. It doesn't get better, it gets worse. I'm not down or anything but I'm getting pretty tired to feel this pain every day and at every move.

Any ideas anyone? I just don't have a clue.