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Thread: Hi, new to this support site

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    Hi, new to this support site

    My 13 (soon to be 14) year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis two years ago (31* thoracic). She has worn a Boston Brace for almost two years however her scoliosis has progressed through her adolecsent growth spurt. She was last x-rayed in August with a 58* thoracic and a 48* lumbar curvature. We, together with the Dr. decided that surgery would be the best option especially because she has alot of back spasms and it's definitely beginning to effect some of her day-to-day activity. She is very bothered by her ribs sticking out more on the one side than the other and hates the way her back looks. She is now less than a couple of weeks away from surgery (3 Nov 2006) and we are all trying to be very positive for her. She is very afraid and has her good moments and then her emotional teary ones. Wondering if any parents feel guilty for their kids going through this ... even though I know there is nothing I could have done to prevent the scoliosis from happening? I feel very nervous myself for the surgery that she has to go through. Any advice on what to expect in recovery? The surgery is in a city five hours from where we live and I don't know if she would be able to tolerate a five hour car ride home... any thoughts? She also wants two of her very best friends other than her family to be there too which is something that we are trying to work out but I am assuming they won't be able to see her for the first 24 hrs or so post-op anyway as she will be in ICU from what I understand. She is a very active and energetic young girl and I am hoping that with the people that she wants around her and her positive energy, that her recovery will be fast and umcomplicated. Thanking you ahead of time for any advise you can forward my way! God Bless!

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    Hi Gabbie...

    I honestly think these surgeries are harder on the parents than they are on the kids. The first week is almost certainly going to be pretty awful for everyone. Just remind yourself that it will soon be a lot better.

    A 5 hour drive shouldn't be too bad. Make sure that you plan a stop every hour or so and let your daughter lie down if she needs to.

    Good luck!


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    Hi, there!
    Linda is right, I think it is harder for us parents to take. You did everything you could to prevent the curve from progressing with going through the bracing for a couple of years. We feel so guilty as parents because you don't want your kid to go through the pain that comes with surgery. You wish you could go in their place. It is tough I know! Everything you are feeling is normal right now.
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