Hi I'm Sam. I'm 30 years old and have suffered with scoliosis since i was seven. I've had two lots of Harrington rods put in, the first when i was ten, that one broke. The second when I was thirteen (two rods in, one at front and one at back of spine). One of those came undone from my spine and had to be removed and at the same time they removed part of the second one.
Since then I've been not too bad with back problems until I had my children since the birth of my second child a year ago my back has gradually got worse. The last six moths infact it has rapidly declined. After many x-rays, physio, acupunture and mri scan the specialists have now said that they can do no more as I have sections at the top and bottom of my spine which are worn away. They say all they can do is to help to sort the pain out and make it more bearable but I can't believe/accept that nothing more can be done.
Has anyone else had these sort of problems and if so what has been done.