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Thread: Yanking out Metal

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    Yanking out Metal

    I put this on another thread, but decided to run a fresh one too:
    Is there any truth in the rumor that the MRI machine PULLS on metal? I heard that an MRI machine pulled a patient's steel gurney crashing across the room at ORMC. THe staff was picking on a 'know-it-all' nurse and set her up for this joke. I tried to have an MRI done directly over my stainless steel rods in the late 90s and suffered from quite a bit of discomfort afterward. Later I found part of my TSRH apparatus was loose. And don't you guys watch "House"? In one episode a patient had a pin in her arm and he suggested giving her an MRI. But they remarked that the MRI would rip the pin right out of her arm. Was that just television drama sounding "OH SO RIVETING"? What've the rest of you got to say?
    Is there a possible correlation between all the loose parts of these mechanisms and attempted MRIs?
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    Info from the Wellington Hospital website (

    Contraindications are reasons why an MRI Scan may not be undertaken. There are several medical conditions or metallic devices that may be in the body that make MRI scanning unsuitable, for example:

    A Cardiac Pacemaker
    Aneurysm Clips
    Metallic foreign bodies (particularly in the eyes)
    Cochlear Implants

    All of the above make the use of powerful magnetism impractical and unwise. However, stainless steel prostheses such as hip or knee joint replacements, spinal and imtramedullary nails and some heart valves can be imaged safely.

    I understand that stainless steel implants cause the image to be distorted, but are quite safe. I've had a spinal MRI done with a steel Harrington Rod in and had no ill effects or discomfort. Hope this helps

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    Hey all. I just came back from my MRI.

    I did the "smarter" thing however, got out of my house, drove to the imaging center and talked to professionals befoe my MRI. Stainless steel is non-ferrous and I should have no worries, I was told.

    They told me they do the rods all the time and have never had a problem.

    After the MRI and talking to the people who did the MRI and handed me my films, I said any distortion? She said we do rods all the time and have never had a problem.

    Admittedly my rod was below the area they were focusing on but...

    I will write a new thread because I could have used the information I have today, before hand.

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