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Thread: Just some questions...

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    Just some questions...

    Wow, I'm actually really happy that I found this site.
    I'm afraid to say I haven't seen my doctor for quite some time. Probably too long.
    I was hoping that someone could help me with some questions I have. I had my surgery in Feb. 2000 when I was 13, with a S curve being somewhere around 70 and 29 degrees. Recently, though, I've been having pain up and down my back, with an itch that I just can't pinpoint on my back *frustrating!*. I've had this before multiple times and normally it just goes away, but every time it comes, it concerns me. Does anyone know if this is just normal? Or should I contact my doctor about it? I'm hoping I can get away with just one surgery!
    Any help you guys could lend would be great! Thanks!

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    Hi Birdie...

    You should definitely see a specialist if you have new pain. I think that itches that can't be scratched have to do with nerves that were cut. I have the same problem from time to time, and think that it's nothing about which we need to worry.


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    Thanks, Linda.
    The pain isn't anything new. It comes and goes. I was just wondering if it was normal. My doctor isn't located in the same state as am, so I think I'll just wait until the next time he comes up and see him then.
    Sounds like that itch is just something I'll have to deal with, haha .

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