Hi, I'm Gail...i had my first surgery in 1992 to fuse and add hardware (not sure the exact type). then in 1996 , i had the rods removed because they were becoming painful and palpable through my skin. They removed the rods, and claimed my curve was properly fused. Before my first surgery, my curve was about 63 degrees (or about that). After surgery, it was corrected to about 33 degrees. in 1999, i went back, claiming i could tell my scoliosis was progressing, and very confused, because i thought the fusion would prevent this. they basically told me, yes, it progressed, but only about 5-10 degrees, and thats normal. so, here it is, 2003, i go back to the doctor (different state now), and they get my original x-rays from NC (before, after, and in 1999), and took new x-rays, cat scans (sp?), and even an MRI....concluding that my curve is now almost 68 degrees, and apparently my fusion didnn't 'take'. Ever since the rods were removed, my curve as been progressing. They recommend me for another surgery. this time its through the front as well as the back. and they are talking about removing a rib??!! , and cutting the bone graft that didnt fuse out...and if i'm not mistaken, i heard him tell another doctor in another room that they'd have to break my back??!! i will get together all of my questions before my next visit, which is to discuss the surgery and see if i want to proceed.
does anyone have any knowledge about the rib removal and back breaking? that sounds painful. he also said they'd have to put in screws..i've never heard of hardware that just consisted of screws, will there also be rods? and he thinks he can correct some of it. is that really possible after so many years? i'm 24 now, i think i'm finished growing, and the first doctor who did my fusion couldnt correct my spine more than like 33 degrees because it was so rigid.
sorry for the rambling...i tend to 'make a short story long'....any help would be appreciated, anything that can tide me over till my next visit. i dread another surgery, especially one so major. can i find any info on this type of surgery online?