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Thread: Crushed Nerves?

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    Crushed Nerves?

    HI, I had surgery about a month ago (My 8th, this one involving removal of TSRH rods and insertion of screws to bind L5 to my hips.) Directly after the surgery I had numbness in both upper thighs. The resident assisting my surgery suggested that my pelvic nerves had been bruised from lying on them during the surgery. Within about 4 days the numbness was gone from my left side but the right side has become worse. At times there are lightening bursts of shocking pains and also pain similar to deep punctures ( I could swear my leg is caught in a bear trap or a gator has locked his jaws into it.) My ortho started me on lyrica at my one month checkup/ a week ago. But only 50 mg twice a day. It has helped alittle. Anyone have info?
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    Hi Jeralyn...

    Thigh pain is a fairly common complaint post-op. I can't think of anyone I know who had the pain long term, but I can't tell you off the top of my head when it usually goes away.


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    I tried Lyrica. I took it for three days and had a migrane for three days. It went away when I stopped taking it.
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